#1. Addons to Disable Quick Create

In all places

There is a feature in Odoo relational field that make user easy to create new record even not in its data master menu. It’s called Quick Create. This feature can be access on Many2one field and will only show when I type record’s name that doesn’t exist and will create a new record quickly. Just as its name.

But there are some companies that doesn’t want this feature because it will make rubbish data that just only name on it, not filling any other fields. And as Today, I found a useful addons to disable that in all over places:

Relative field forbid quick create by HSP


Before Installation (Screenshot by HSP)


After Installation (Screenshot by HSP)

Sneak peak code

Inside addons, there is only one JS file. It serves a great purpose but only with simple code. It just override init function and set no_quick_create always has True value.

Tweak more

Rather that only disable quick create, what if I disable quick “Create and Edit” too? Okay. I just need to add one line code inside init.

this.nodeOptions.no_create_edit = true

It’s done.

See you on the next Odoo Addons Recommendations!



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